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Mental Health

Mental Health

As some point in life we can all feel stressed or suffer from anxiety and depression or even low self esteem. These symptoms can be caused by our modern lifestyles, heavy workloads, relationship problems, family commitments, and social media pressure. Basically trying to be everything to everyone! We are surrounded by and immersed in technology all day, everyday. Constant emails, texts, FB notifications, Instagram, snap chat, calls, adverts, reality tv, etc. Sometimes we can just feel overloaded with information and harassed. Many of us are struggling to cope with mental wellbeing with the demands and pressures in todays world. Situations in life can cause our mental wellbeing to suffer which can triggers an emotional response, which then triggers a physical response. Which inevitably results in a pattern of behavior or bad habits.


Now while medication does have its place it is not always the anserw, or for everyone. It can be a bit like putting a plaster over a wound. It does not really treat the issue. Not everyone wants to take a pill or risk having side effects. More people than ever better are looking at a natural approach to treat mental illness, without medication or along side it.

The Nefertem Approach to Mental Wellbeing 

The Nefertem approach to good mental health is a holistic one and in turn eases the burden on the NHS. Which can only be a good thing. If you suffer from the following conditions, then we can help.

  • Anxiety/Stress   
  • Depression
  • Lack of Confidence    
  • Nicotine Addiction/Smoking/E-Cigs        
  • Lack of Motivation/Problems with Weight
  • Insomnia

How can Nefertem help you?

Nefertem was created on the principles that everyone should have access to good mental health at home. We treat the Mind the Body and we like to think the Soul too! At Nefertem we believe anything psychotherapy can achieve, hypnotherapy can accomplish much quicker. It as a more direct route to resolution. You can talk about something at length and never really resolve any of the underlying subconscious thoughts and feelings that fuel your waking reactions. The advantage of hypnotherapy is that we can go straight to the source — the subconscious mind!

Our Treatment Kits

Each of our treatment kits has been created by our in house Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Aromatherapist. Specifically designed, to help treat and alleviate symptoms of certain conditions like Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Obesity, Lack of Motivation and Nicotine Addiction.

So how does it work?

Simply choose your desired treatment kit and at the click of a button, we will email you all relevant hypnotherapy files and ebooks for your symptoms. In less than a minute you will have instant resources to use straight away. We will then post out carefully selected products for you the next day by recorded delivery.  

Choose your kit

Calm - For Stress or Anxiety.
Sleep - 
For Insomnia/Trouble Sleeping.
Happy - For Depression or Low Self Esteem.
Motivate - For Motivation in life or for those who want to Lose Weight.
Breathe - For Stopping Smoking Nicotine/ E-cigs/Marjuina.
Confidence - If you want to become and feel more Confident.

So what is included in your Treatment Kit?

Well every kit will be slightly different for that condition (click on each one to find out more).

A combination of specific hypnotherapy files to help you alleviate your condition.

Essential Oils created specifically to help alleviate your condition at home, or to use on the go. Like our essential oil rollerball blend.

We use Colour Psychology in our Aromatherapy Colour Changing Diffuser. Simply use it with our essential oil blend. This can cause senses stimulation to evoke you visually and your sense of smell. Promoting an overall sense of well-being at home.

Our Luxury Vegan and True Cruelty Free, Cleanser and Neroli Moisturizer with our Essential Oils. To balance, pamper and refresh you.

Specific to learn about your condition written by specialists in the field.

At Nefertem we believe your home should be your sanctuary. So we give you a Luxury Soya Scented Essential Oil Candle, created specifically for your kit.

Luxury Fragranced Reed Diffuser
To enhance your home and lift your mood.

Click on one of our specific treatment packages below to find out more information about each kit.

Nefertem is a healthy lifestyle choice, not just a brand.




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