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Nefertem Philosophy

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Nefertem Philosophy

At Nefertem we use the same principles passed down from Egyptian High Priests. Who harnessed the power of essential oils and hypnotherapy to treat their people. The Egyptians used healing sanctuaries to heal people with all sorts of problems, both physical and mental, most of which today would be classed as psychological problems. These healing sanctuaries were called “Sleep or Dream Temples.”

Under the influence of hypnosis, sick people were prepared psychologically for suggestion therapy; they were put in to a “hypnotic state.” Before falling asleep they were influenced by suggestions and the smell of essential oils. Helping to opening the Subconscious Mind. Our approach is a holistic one, combining Hypnotherapy and Essential Oils, working together, in synergy as one. We believe everyone should have mental wellness to help to empower their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Therefore we offer Hypnotherapy and Aromatherapy packages to help treat the mind, body and soul. 

For the Mind - Hypnotherapy

For the Body - Essential Oils in our Vegan Skin Care Products

For the Soul - Essential Oils, Essential Oil Blends, Luxury Soya Scented Candles and Reed Diffusers. 

Nefertem was created on the principles that we only use high quality and ethically sourced ingredients in our products. Our Essential Oils are 100% Pure and our all our skincare products are Vegan and True Cruelty Free. This means you gain the therapeutic value from our products in your home, which benefits the mind, body and soul.

We also believe the home is a sanctuary and should be filled with wonderful smells and products to have a tranquil place to come home to. Therefore we offer a collection of stunning scented candles & reed diffusers to scent your home.

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