Our Vegan Beauty Products and Organic and True Animal Cruelty Free – Nefertem

Our Vegan Beauty Products and Organic and True Animal Cruelty Free

Our Vegan Beauty Products and Organic and True Animal Cruelty Free

At Nefertem we are so proud of our Vegan Skincare which has been expertly tested and created by our appointed Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist and Acupuncturist. Who is also a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. We cannot convey online how amazing our products feel on the skin and smell! It is hard to find beauty products that are both Vegan and Organic!

You truly need to try them and you will be converted! We pride ourself of the quality of our products, time and care that has gone into the development of our range. We hope you think Our Vegan Skincare Brands is one of the Best in the UK.

Our Philosophy is that our customers have products that are:

  • Vegan Beauty Products
  • True Cruelty Free
  • Are Organic Beauty Products
  • Harness the Power of Essential Oils.
  • Are Affordable
  • Are Luxurious
  • Are Generous in Size
Step 1 - Facial Scrub

A blend of ground bamboo mixed & aromatherapy oils. Using a facial scrub can make your skin feel soft, stay youthful, and glow from premature ageing and climate changes from the external environment and indoor heating systems.

Step 2 - Cleansers
Our Essential Oil Cleansers deep clean and moisturise the skin. Crucial to every beauty regime, cleansers remove dirt, dead skin cells and clean clogged up pores. leaving your skin feeling refreshed and radiant. 

Step 3 - Facial Toners
Our Essential Oil Toners clear any remaining grime left and replace any moisture lost after cleansing the skin. Our Toners minimise the appearance of pores, clear up spots quickly and leave your face feeling flawless without being dry. Our Toner will refresh the skin and bring it back to life.

Step 4 - Face Moisturiser
Moisturiser is the most important part of your facial routine. So it’s important you get this right. You have already made a great start with choosing Vegan Skin Care. The skin loves natural molecules and drinks in beautiful natural ingredients which provide hydration and increase suppleness. Moisturising is protecting your skin.

Step 5 - Organic Face Oil
Our Orange & Frankincense Facial Oil rebalances and restores all skin types back to their natural complexion, leaving a plump and healthy radiant glow in there wake. No need to work about an oily residue on the skin, your skin will drink this up and you won't believe how good your skin will look and feel. Amazing!

Vegan and Organic Skincare


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