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Limited Edition Gay Pride Candle™ Our Limited Edition Pink Candle was created for a strong and fabulous scent throw which demands attention in any room. Sassy and sweet but definitely memorable with a touch of innocence. An unforgettable scent and truly one of a kind! This is no weak fragrance B***** ! It is made from Soya wax so it is non-toxic, giving it a superior performance and high scent. 10% of every sale will go to helping a Gay Pride charity. Lid not included.

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Our wellbeing packages help alleviate different wellbeing concerns from the comfort of your own home. Our holistic approach can help to change your thoughts, feelings and behaviour for better wellbeing. How do we do this? Our wellbeing packages combine Hypnotherapy & Aromatherapy working in synergy. Each package contains natural products for your Mind, Body & Soul. All our products are vegan friendly and true cruelty free. We only use the best quality ingredients provided by mother nature. Enjoy better wellbeing with Nefertem.  

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