Aromatherapy Mood Candles & Reed Diffusers by Nefertem

Wellbeing Candles & Reed Diffusers

Our Aromatherapy Mood Soya Candles & Reed Diffusers create a sensory and therapeutic response in any room in your home for Sleep, Stress Relief, Energy, Happiness or Sensuality. Expertly blended with 600 drops of pure essential oil blends in each Soya Candle & Reed Diffuser. Ensured to bring you maximum therapeutic effects to your surroundings for different moods. Our soya wax candles, are chemical free and vegan friendly, whilst containing a visually pleasing appearance and a warm, up-lifting scent. 

Our candles can also be used for an aromatherapy massage using our soya wax which is warm to the touch. Our Soya wax candles provide a cleaner burn. This means no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants are released in the home. In addition, due to the wax burning at a cooler temperature, you can expect to enjoy your soy wax candles for 30-50% longer than toxic paraffin candles. All our products are hand made in the UK.