About Nefertem

About Us

Nefertem was created on the holistic principle that we believe everyone should have instant and affordable access to good mental. We feel very passionate about helping people in need alleviate different symptoms of mental health issues and bad habits. We offer a practical and affordable solution without medication. We offer our customers hypnotherapy and aromatherapy packages working in synergy as one. 

All of our luxury products are environmentally friendly and have ethically sourced ingredients. Such as our beauty products which are vegan, organic, true cruelty free, Paraben & SLS Free. Our colour changing aromatherapy diffuser helps to diffuse our essential oils blends in your home. Giving a therapeutic effect on the mind and body for different conditions, a perfect addition to your daily wellness routine. 

As you inhale each essential oil blend, the scent travels to the hypothalamus. A gland in your brain responsible for releasing the hormones which control your basic instincts and emotions. At the hypothalamus, your body is most attracted to the essential oil blend that it needs – revealing whether you need to focus on sleep, stress relief, energy or happiness at that moment. Prepare to discover and track your true wellbeing needs with Nefertem.

True therapeutic benefits to relieve stress, calm and relax, aid sleep, boost your energy or lift your mood. Our promise: 100% natural fragrances for the mind & body, made in Britain from ethically sourced, sustainable origins, only natural & organic ingredients, no petrochemical paraffin or mineral wax, no artificial perfume only pure essential oils and no harsh preservatives. 

Our luxury scented soya candles and reed diffusers contain soya based renewable resources. Helping to fragrance your surroundings while giving an air of sophistication to the home. While our eco friendly reusable cotton bags can be used daily without the need for a plastic bag.

Nefertem use the same principles passed down from Egyptian high priests who harnessed the power of suggestion therapy & essential oils. Suggestion therapy known today as hypnosis can be traced back over 4000 years to Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians used healing sanctuaries to heal people with all sorts of problems. Temple sleep was used as a psychotherapeutic tool, the temples of Imhotep were well attended by people looking for psychological help.

Under the influence of incantation and the performance of religious rituals, people were prepared psychologically for suggestion therapy. They were put into a hypnotic state before falling asleep and influenced by suggestions, in the hope of provoking dreams sent by the gods. 

Healing would take place whilst the person being cured was in a deep trance like sleep. This trance state was known as incubation, during which time the priests using suggestions would help the person, through their dreams, to make contact with the god, thus helping them to obtain a cure for their illness. The temples were a place of spirits, and mysterious powers, a place to find mental and physical healing.

For the Mind - Advanced Hypnotherapy, Guided Meditation, Affirmations & ebooks
For the Body - Essential Oils & Vegan Skincare
For the Soul - Aromatherapy Colour Diffuser, Essential Oils, Luxury Soya Candles & Reed Diffusers