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Patchouli, Juniper Berry & Ylang Ylang

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Our Confidence candle blend brings therapeutic effects to your mind, body and soul. A sensual and evoking aroma to boost your confidence and lift your mood. A gorgeous and luxurious scent for any home. Each candle contains 600 drops of pure essential oils.

Expertly blended with 30ml of pure essential oils containing Patchouli, Juniper Berry and Ylang Ylang. Ylang Ylang is widely used as an aphrodisiac in the aromatherapy world. Each Mood Candle contains 600 drops of pure essential oils.

Our Mood candles can also be used for the body for a essential oil massage. Simply pour the wax which will be luke warm from the candle and onto the body. Then give or receive a wonderful massage with essential oils. Prepare to discover your true wellbeing needs with Nefertem Mood Candles.

Cotton Wicked
Approx Burn Time 40h
Hand Poured in the UK
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