Facial Cleansing Brush by Nefertemonline

Facial Cleansing Brush 7 in 1 Applicator Heads

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The Secret to Beautiful & Radiant Skin 

This facial cleanser is an essential skincare product for your skincare routine for younger looking and glowing skin. Choose between 7 different applicators for your skin requirements. The applicators include a dermabrasion brush to clear dead skin deep down on the surface, a make-up remover sponge for the eyes and cheeks, polish for clearing tough skin, a rolling massager for improving circulation and giving a youthful glow. A latex sponge for cleaning away makeup and toning the skin. Use the Facial Cleansing Brush with your favorite serums, moisturisers and face scrubs to dramatically increase the effect of skincare products being absorbed into the skin. Helping ensure your skin products are absorbed deep down for all the benefits of fresher and younger looking skin.

Seven Different Rotating Heads for Healthier and Glowing Skin 

Package Includes: 

  1. Ultra-Fine Brush - For A Lighter Clean For Sensitive Skin
  2. Soft Brush - Cleanse The Surface of the Skin For Everyday Cleansing
  3. Coarse Brush - Cleanse & Exfoliate the Skin For a Deeper Clean
  4. Make-Up Sponge - Massage & Clean Your Skin
  5. Polish Accessory - Remove Tough Skin
  6. Massage Head - Massage Your Acupuncture Points on Your Skin
  7. Pumice Applicator - Filling and Smoothing Rough Skin - Can also be used on the Feet

Skin Benefits: 

  • Multifunctional beauty tool for face cleaning and massage
  • Micro dermabrasion to remove dead skin that clogs pores
  • Get rid of dry skin, blemishes, and blackheads
  • Perfect for reducing wrinkles and improving skin texture
  • Removes makeup
  • Polishes the skin
  • Massages the skin and throughly cleans
  • Boost the metabolism of skin and increase blood flow
  • Handheld electric facial brush, easy to use and skin friendly
  • Improve skin luster and elasticity
  • Improves beauty product absorption
  • Can also be used on the feet

Package content: 1 x Face Cleansing Device Kit (7pcs)
Battery: 4 x AA Battery(not included) 
Material: Plastic + Fiber 
Size : approx.17.5x8x5cm/6.89 x 3.15x1.97 inch