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Law of Attraction

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Our therapeutic Law of Attraction package can help you achieve total belief in the Law of Attraction that is missing from your life. We explain in simple terms how it works and guide you to manifest a better quality of life that you desire. Our hypnotherapy goes into the subconscious making your desires become a conscious reality.

Remove negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones in your subconscious mind. We include 18 files which combine hypnotherapy, gratitude exercises, varied affirmations, visualization exercises, om chanting, mediation exercises, guided meditation, relaxation exercises and exercise ebooks.

  1. 1 x Colour Changing Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser 
  2. 8 x mp3 files for The Law of Attraction
  3. 1 x Guided Meditation mp3
  4. 1 x The Law of Attraction ebook
  5. 1 x Blank Cheque
  6. 1 x The Law of Attraction Exercises to Manifest More
  7. 2 x Affirmation files for The Law of Attraction
  8. 1 x Happy Blend Essential Oil 
  9. 1 X Happy Blend Rollerball Essential Oil 
  10. 1 x Cream Cleanser with Grapefruit, Lavender & Frankincense 
  11. 1 x Jasmine Mist Toner 
  12. 1 x Neroli Moisturiser with Co-enzyme Q10 with SPF 25
  13. 1 x Happy Blend Essential Oil Soya Candle
  14. 1 x Happy Blend Essential Oil Reed Diffuser
  15. 1 x Cotton Bag 

    Hypnosis can greatly improve your visualization skills – and the better you can visualize your success, the more and easier you’ll believe it’s possible. Hypnosis can make you able to work towards the accomplishment of your desires. Read our Hypnosis F&Q's and Listening GuideWe also include daily Om chanting exercises mp3, learn the benefits of Om chanting here

    Instant Access to LOA Files & Ebooks
    On purchase you will receive full and instant access to download all of our mp3 files to your chosen device. 

    1. Instructions
    2. Learn All About The Law of Attraction ebook
    3. The Law of Attraction Exercises to Manifest More ebook
    4. Find Your Life's Purpose Coaching ebook
    5. Daily Guided Manifestation 
    6. The Law of Attraction Hypnosis 
    7. Hypnosis to Remove Blockages for the LOA
    8. Hypnosis on The Law of Attraction to Manifest More 
    9. Everyday Relaxation Hypnosis
    10. Wealth Affirmations 
    11. I Believe Affirmations
    12. 10 Minute Daily Gratitude 
    13. Affirmations for Health, Wealth, Happiness & Abundance Audio, 30 Minutes
    14. Meditation (10 Minute Gratitude, 10 Minute Om Chanting, 10 Minute Wealth Manifestation)
    15. 30 Minute Om Chanting
    16. Guided Meditation
    17. Relaxation Background Music
    18. Write Your Blank Cheque

    Our vegan & organic skincare products harness the power of essential oils. True cruelty free and luxurious on the skin. Our therapeutic package includes our Grapefruit, Lavender & Frankincense Skin Cleanser, Jasmine Toner and Neroli Moisturiser with Co-enzyme Q10 with SPF 25. Including Happy rollerball to use on the go.

    Transform your mood and home into a peaceful sanctuary with our Aroma Diffuser. Disperse our Happy Blend essential oil to help you stay positive and fragrance your home. Our Aroma diffuser has colour technology that moves through a rainbow of colours or can be set on a single colour of choice.

    Make your home welcoming and uplifting with our Happy Blend Essential Oil Soya Candle & Reed Diffuser. This evoking aroma will fill any room in your home with a pure and vibrant scent. 

    Each Candle & Reed Diffuser is packed with 600 drops of essential oil for optimum therapeutic benefits. With Bergamot, Ylang Ylang & Grapefruit essential oils. Bring therapeutic effects to your mind, body and soul for different rooms in your home. 

    While on the go listen to our daily affirmations from your phone and shop with our eco bag. Apply our Happy Blend rollerball for a positive mood throughout the day to feel good inside and out. 

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