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Confidence Package

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With our therapeutic package for Self-Confidence you can increase your Self-Esteem and be Confident in any situation. You have expert help when you need it, on your terms. We have all your concerns covered and under control in our complete package. 

  1. 1 x Colour Changing Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser 
  2. 11 x Clinical Hypnotherapy mp3 files for Confidence 
  3. 1 x Guided Meditation mp3
  4. 1 x Daily Affirmation file for Confidence mp3
  5. 1 x Confidence Blend Essential Oil 
  6. 1 x Confidence Blend Rollerball Essential Oil 
  7. 1 x Cream Cleanser with Grapefruit, Lavender & Frankincense 
  8. 1 x Jasmine Mist Toner 
  9. 1 x Neroli Moisturiser with Co-enzyme Q10 with SPF 25
  10. 1 x Confidence Blend Essential Oil Candle
  11. 1 x Confidence Blend Essential Oil Reed Diffuser
  12. 1 x Cotton Bag

    Relax your mind and drift off to a selection of our advanced clinical hypnotherapy files, guided meditation and affirmations. Very quickly confidence will enter your mind helping you to live your life feeling confident and happy in yourself. With our advanced hypnosis we bypass the conscious part of your brain. Helping to remove low self esteem thoughts, feelings and behaviours in your subconscious mind. Very quickly you can feel better as the burden of low self esteem leavesIs it safe? Of course read our FAQ'S and Listening Guide to find out more. 

    Access to Hypnotherapy Files for Confidence
    On purchase you will receive full and instant access to download all of our advanced clinical hypnotherapy mp3 files to your chosen device.

    1. Instructions
    2. Become More Outgoing
    3. Be Assertive and Learn to Say No
    4. Confidence in Social Situations
    5. Confidence
    6. Dating with Confidence
    7. Public Speaking Confidence
    8. Overcome Shyness
    9. Social Phobia
    10. General Relaxation
    11. Guided Meditation
    12. Daily Affirmations for Confidence

    Soothe and nourish your skin with our essential oil vegan & organic skincare products for healthier, younger and more radiant looking skin. Our therapeutic package includes our Grapefruit, Lavender & Frankincense Skin Cleanser, Jasmine Toner and Neroli Moisturiser with Co-enzyme Q10 with SPF 25. Use with our Confidence Blend rollerball essential oil on the go for a boost of confidence.

    Switch on
     our Aromatherapy diffuser and diffuse our Confidence Blend essential oil to boost your Confidence at your home. Our diffuser has colour changing mood lighting which easily moves through a rainbow of colours or can be set on a single colour of choice. 

    Create a feeling of luxury and decadence around your home with our Confidence Essential Oil Candle & Reed Diffuser. 
    Each Candle & Reed Diffuser is packed with 600 drops of essential oil for optimum therapeutic benefits. Containing Patchouli, Juniper Berry and Ylang Ylang. Which brings therapeutic effects to your mind, body and soul for different rooms in your home.

    While on the go listen to our daily affirmations from your phone. Shop with our eco bag and apply our Confidence Blend rollerball to boost your Confidence throughout the day.

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