Law of Attraction Manchester Event at Barclays Eagle Lab – Nefertem

Manchester Law Of Attraction - 5/08/2019

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The Law Of Attraction & Wellbeing 
Manifest Abundance into Your Life 

Early Bird Tickets £15
Date: Monday, August 5, 2019 at 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM or 5.30pm until 6pm
Price: £15 with early bird or £20.00.
Location: Barclays Eagle Lab Manchester Albert Square · Greater Manchester, M2 6WL

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The Event

The aim of this event is to encourage, inspire, support and enable people to make positive changes in their lives, to increase life energy and optimise wellbeing on all levels. Everyone who attends the course on the Law of Attraction will receive the complete package in downloadable format. The motivational speaker talks about his life experience and the up's and down's faced in life. 

The motivational speaker found The Law of Attraction did not initially work so he examined why and realised what he was not doing. After deciding to set about making changes he used the techniques and methods created in the course. The Law of Attraction only started to work when he started applying all the methods in the course. 

The purpose of this course is not for everyone to talk about their own experiences, or for you to leave empty-handed. Having not really learned anything. Everyone to take away something and to hopefully make new friends in the process. Now Nefertem wants to share the course with others so that everyone can live a life full of abundance. Get ready to make changes in your life and learn everything you need to do to make it happen. In one complete package, we can show you the steps to change your life around.

The Course Includes Full Access to:

😄Learn All About The Law of Attraction ebook
😄The Law of Attraction Exercises to Manifest More ebook
😄Bring Structure to Your Life ebook for The Law of Attraction
😄Find Your Life's Purpose Coaching ebook
😄10 Minute Morning & Evening Meditation mp3
😄Daily Guided Manifestation mp3
😄Hypnosis to Remove Blockages mp3
😄Hypnosis on The Law of Attraction to Manifest More mp3
😄Everyday Relaxation Hypnosis mp3
😄Wealth Affirmations mp3
😄I Believe Affirmations mp3
😄30 Minute Daily Gratitude Affirmations for Health, Wealth, Happiness &
Abundance mp3
😄30 Minutes Meditation mp3
😄10 Minute Gratitude, 10 Minute Om Chanting, 10 Minute Wealth
Manifestation mp3
😄30 Minute Om Chanting mp3
😄Relaxation Background Music 528hz Release Inner Conflict
😄Write Your Blank Cheque

We also have a competition in every class for £1 to win a free product on the day. The proceeds of the competition will go towards a Cancer charity. I will set up a just giving page for everyone to see the donations are going to a good cause.

Like our FB page in advance of the course so we can build a community of positive people. Click here.

We look forward to meeting you all!

How to find us
Location Barclays Eagle Lab Manchester Union House Albert Square Manchester M2 6LW. Located in the heart of Manchester City Centre. No parking on site. Several NCP options nearby. Cycle rack on-site. Train - Oxford Road. Metro - St Peter Square.